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Letters from Readers


What People Are Saying About Words in My Hands


       Recently, I put books on the hearth in our living-room--not just any books, but the ones that are most significant to me, that reflect my values and admirations. Yours, of course, is among them...I re-read it recently...you did some amazing things with Bert, turned-his difficult life around and introduced him to the excitement of interacting with his world again...thank you for writing it and for your contributions to a remarkable man.



            I must tell how how much I have enjoyed your book about Bert Riedel. I listened to it from a cassette tape from the Library of Congress as I, too, am deablind!  I have Usher Syndrome, Type 2c which is RP and Severe-Profound hearing loss.  Thankfully, I was able to listen to it on tape!

What you wrote in the book identified some things that were observed and described to the reader so accurately.  And, for me as a deafblind person I learned a few things that you adapted and made sense to help me!

Thank you for writing this book!  WONDERFUL, and I have been recommending it to other deafblind people that I know will enjoy it.  Thanks to God that this book is available through the Library of Congress!  Otherwise, many of us can't afford to buy...



           I just wanted to share with you that I have received your book and am thrilled with it.  I have a profound hearing loss and your book is giving me motivation and inspiration.  My worst fear is that of also becoming blind.  But I guess even if that occurs there is still hope. 

I am blind in my left eye and have good vision in my right eye.  My father was very hard of hearing and I inherited the nerve deafness from him.  As I grow older, the hearing continues to go downhill...

I just wanted you to know that although I have not completed your book yet it is difficult for me to put down and it gives me a lot of comfort.



...I wanted to write and thank you for telling Bert's and your story.  So much of what happened to Bert and to his family resonated very strongly with me and I read the book in a matter of hours.  I am now telling everyone I know to read it because I believe it will help them understand the challenges that face deafblind people in life.

Sometimes I feel very alone and intimidated by the challenges facing me.  It's books like yours that give me strength and courage to keep on getting up everyday and continuing on with what I need to do...

I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your book.



We purchased a copy of your book for our lending library, but I have to admit that it is at my house at the moment.  What a wonderful read!  I'm flying through it.  It's a topic close to my heart as I have a son, now 21, who experiences dual sensory impairment...

Reading Bert's story and how he learned to embrace a new way to communicate gives me hope that as my son grows older and his situation continues to evolve there will be many ways in which we can help him continue to be active in the community...

Thank you again for a wonderful book that found my family at just the right time.  I'll be recommending it in our weekly newsletter that goes out all over Alaska.


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