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Diane Lane Chambers
Author of Engaging, Informative, and Inspirational Books
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Words in My Hands second edition $17.95 available at                              https://www.amazon.com/Words-My-Hands-Deaf-Blind-Unforgettable/dp/0976096749/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474039517&sr=8-1&keywords=9780976096740

Books are also available at Amazon.Com and e-books at Kindle, Nook, or iBooks. For Kindle go to https://www.amazon.com/Words-My-Hands-Deaf-Blind-Unforgettable/dp/0976096706

A Limited number of first edition copies of Words in My Hands available from Ellexa Press LLC. Use this form to order.

CDs and DVDs are available only from Ellexa Press LLC.

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Ellexa Press LLC, 32262 Steven Way, Conifer, CO 80433

Purchase orders may be mailed, or emailed to: ellexapress@gmail.com

To order books by credit card: fill out the form below and email to ellexapress@gmail.com. By phone call 303 591-1040.

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Words in My Hands, print copy first edition 15.95    
Words in My Hands, CD 12.95    
Hearing the Stream   9.99    
SSPs: What Are They and Why Are They Necessary, DVD  22.00    
Colorado Residents 4.5% sales tax      
Shipping & Handling 1-2 Books or Items 8.00    
Shipping & Handling 3-5 Books or Items 14.25    
Shipping & Handling 1-2 Books to Canada or Mexico 16.00    
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